Love INC Newaygo County

Hair Station has been working with Love INC for several years now, donating hair cut coupons that can be redeemed at the salon by Love INC families. Further information on Love INC can be found 

Love In the Name of Christ of Newaygo County (Love INC) was founded in 1987 by seven local area churches. Their desire was to help “The Church” meet the needs (physical, spiritual, and emotional) of people in the community by creating a network of resources and services that respond to community concerns while avoiding duplication of services.  O
ver 1,200 families are assisted each month in one capacity or another with the help of over 300 community and partner church volunteers giving of their time, talents and resources to serve others.

Love INC serves as a “Gap Filler” within the community, often filling service or resource gaps that arise. Some of the services currently offered include:
- The Growing Hope Transformational Ministry (Financial Management Classes, Mentoring, and Personal Growth Classes).  Personal growth classes cover a variety of topics such as nutrition, cooking on a budget, Bible studies, parenting, boundaries, time management, minor home repairs, auto care, etc.
- Food Pantry (964 Families on average in 2013, some with specialized needs)
- Wood Ministry (for heating homes)
- Project Ramp Ministry (building wheelchair ramps)
- Bunk Bed Ministry
- Quilting Ministry
- Holiday Programs: Christmas Family Assistance, Christmas Store
- Grant Men’s Ministry: Auction and Speaker Ministry

Needs are assessed on a case by case basis, verified, and directed or “cleared out” to the best sources of help.  Often assistance is a collaborative effort of several ministries and agencies working together.  Love INC looks at needs in the areas of housing, utilities, auto care, medical, clothing, furniture, etc. 

1049 West Main St., Fremont, MI 49412